Athletes choose us because we take care of their interests on a wide scale, as we deal with contract negotiations, sponsorships deals but we also focus on life outside the field and give them advice and help on housing, car purchase and leasing. ASFAN also invests a lot in finding and assisting new talents by its massive scouting network around the world and help them to develop, make the best possible career and business decisions



We are proud of our honesty and reliability in everything we do. We will associate you and your family in all decisions regarding your career. Regardless of the fact that this guarantees an improvement and a better course of action, we will tailor plans and offer you the most effective exhortation throughout your contracts, protecting your interests.

Asfan pays great attention to the insurances of its players and offers you  advices to choose the most effective insurance products  for you and loved ones.

Asfan will deal with equipment manufacturers and partners wishing to associate the image of our clients with a promotional approach. We assist you in the negotiation of these contracts and in their conclusion to better preserve your image, your legal security and your interests. We are specialized in the professions of image law and sports marketing to maximize the opportunity of our clients.

At Asfan, youth is really key! We are proud to distinguish, enlist and represent the best young football hopefuls. The academic success of our young players is of paramount importance. We make sure we always liaise with parents, families, to prevent any difficulties they may encounter.


« Never forget where you come from and you’ll know where to go »



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